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Club Activities & Projects

Annual Plant Sale

Saturday, May 11, 2024 


Our Annual Plant Sale is our main fundraiser. Plants are donated from members or dug up by members from other resident’s gardens. All members are required to contribute to the success of this event.

Spring Rock Park Perennial Garden


The Perennial Garden was created by the Western Springs Garden Club in 1999. Members worked with the Western Springs Park District to plot out the area. After creating a design for the shade garden, members bought and installed plants and donated funds for a bench.


In 2008, we undertook a renovation. Originally in shade, the eastern part of the Perennial Garden suddenly reverted to full sunlight with the loss of several surrounding trees. In addition, the limestone outcropping in the middle of the eastern part had become unsightly due to persistent weeds. The renovation involved the Park District removing the limestone outcropping and replacing it with a granite boulder. Garden Club members transplanted the shade plants to the west half of the Garden. We created a new design that included purchased and donated plants. In April 2008, Garden Club members installed the new plants and transplanted the shade-loving perennials to the western half of the garden. 


This last spring a brick patio was installed with engraved bricks memorializing those members we've recently lost.



Let Freedom Ring Garden on the Tower Green


The Western Springs Garden Club created the “Let Freedom Ring” memorial garden in 2006 in honor of those who served in World War II and in the Korean War. Garden Club members obtained grants and donations to fund these improvements. The garden is located on the Tower Green, which is a small triangular park in the heart of Western Springs. The Tower Green also houses the old historic Water Tower. The project includes two trees, two plaques on boulders, two benches, and numerous shrubs, perennials and bulbs.


This project provides a beautiful, restful place in the park for all people to enjoy. Whether walking or jogging by, or sitting on the bench contemplating nature, people in the community benefit from this project.


Western Springs Safety Village


The Western Springs Garden Club has donated $4000 towards the landscaping of the new permanent home for the childrens' Safety Village. 

Western Springs Post Office


In 2003, the Western Springs Garden Club undertook the complete renovation of the landscaping in front of the Western Springs Post Office. Member Cindy Tyley created the new design. The Post Office funded the removal of the old landscaping material while the Village contributed by purchasing the new plants and installing three new trees. Garden Club members installed all the shrubs and perennials, mulched the entire plant bed, and maintained the new garden for the first two years.

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